Anette Larkin’s mother and grandmother died of breast cancer at 47 and 36 respectively, while her grandmother’s sisters died of cancer early in their lives. Her family also has diabetes patients. However, Anette doesn’t suffer from any disease – she’s in such perfect health that she doesn’t even take aspirin!



Not just aspirin – Anette avoids any kind of conventional medications. She is a true believer of REAL medicine and lives by Hippocrates’ well-known quote: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Anette is 70-year old, but looks like she is 30!

Anette grows her own fruit, veggies and herbs in her garden and collects rainwater. She makes delicious juice from her fruits every day and eats only what she plants in her garden. Mrs. Larkins is a great example of how raw food and juicing can improve your overall health and make you look decades younger!